The 21 Best Employer Branding Tools in 2024

The best employer brands start with a strong employer branding tech stack. While you could do things manually, we don’t know anyone with that much time on their hands! Fortunately, there are many great employer branding tools available to help you work smarter and make your employer branding efforts exponentially more impactful and successful

Integrate your CRM with other tools

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How to connect your integrations to your CRM platform?

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Techbit is the next-gen CRM platform designed for modern sales teams

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Why using the right CRM can make your team close more sales?

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2024 is shaping up to be the year of employer branding. With early signs that hiring is preparing to kick back into gear, talent teams across the globe are racing to get ahead by strengthening their employer brand to stand out in the crowded jobs market.

The best employer brands start with a strong employer branding tech stack. While you could do things manually, we don’t know anyone with that much time on their hands! Fortunately, there are many great employer branding tools available to help you work smarter and make your employer branding efforts exponentially more impactful and successful

The building blocks of your employer brand tech stack

It’s easy to endlessly list employer branding tools, but the area of ‘employer branding’ is broad. Building a tech stack to cover the five key areas of employer branding is the best way to look at the employer branding tools available to talent teams in 2024.

When we look at an employer branding tech stack, there are five bases you need to cover:

Content Creation & Storytelling

Forge your narrative with tools that craft captivating visuals, data-driven content, and employee testimonials. Attract talent with compelling stories that showcase your unique company culture and values. These tools range from manual content creation platforms that allow you to create graphics, edit videos and more, through to automated platforms that can handle the capture, design and creation of content to give you ready-to-use assets without lifting a finger.

Recruitment & Candidate Engagement

Streamline the journey from search to hire with AI-powered candidate screening, interview scheduling, and personalized communication. These are tools that help you to open communication channels between your talent team and prospective candidates. Recruitment and candidate engagement tools help you to find your target candidates and manage communication sequences.

Employee Advocacy

Unleash the power of your workforce! Empower employees to become brand ambassadors with social media sharing tools, gamified incentives, and curated content. Employee advocacy tools help you amplify your employer brand through your most authentic voices. These tools can make it easier to mobilize your team en masse and ensure consistent, clear messaging about your employer brand.

Research, Insights & Analysis

Understand what resonates and where to improve. Monitor online conversations, track competitor performance, and measure the effectiveness of your efforts. Data-driven insights fuel informed decisions and guide your employer branding strategy. These are an essential part of your employer branding tech stack. without the data to make decisions and understand the impact of your employer branding efforts it will be almost impossible to get buy-in from the rest of the team.

Distribution & Automation

Simplify workflows and reach diverse audiences. Schedule social media posts, automate repetitive tasks, and optimize distribution channels. Save time and effort while ensuring consistent brand messaging across all platforms. Where employer brand content has traditionally lived on a website's careers page, the modern employer branding tech stack includes tools that help you get your content out to a wider audience and act as an inbound magnet to draw prospective candidates in.

These five areas form the foundation of a successful employer branding tech stack. There are a lot of tools available out there, and while some specialize in one element of employer brand, the best will span a number of your employer branding tool requirements. Choose the tools that best align with your needs and watch your talent acquisition efforts soar!


Outhire, often viewed as a “Swiss Army Knife” of employer brand. Where many tools serve one part of the employer brand tech stack, Outhire offers a full suite of tools to cover content creation, recruitment, candidate engagement, employee advocacy, insights, analytics and automated distribution.

With Outhire you can do it all, including:

  • Job Descriptions
    Craft compelling job descriptions that convert with bias-detection and industry-insight features.
  • Employee Video Content
    Request content in minutes and harness AI to edit the best bits into shareable content pieces.
  • Employee Written Content
    Utilize your videos and build a content machine that will keep your talent marketing moving forward year-round.
  • Targeted Job Campaigns
    Automated campaigns that make it easy to reach the best active and passive talent no matter where they are.
  • Employer Brand Campaigns
    Stand out in a crowded market and let your employer brand shine with automated, multi-channel campaigns.
  • Email Re-engagement
    Capture interest, engage prospective candidates and drive conversions with automated email follow-up.

Learn more about Outhire


Canva is a drag-and-drop design platform that empowers everyone to create visual content. They offer a wide range of templates that cover social media graphics, infographics, presentations, and even video editing. If you do not have design resources you can leverage to create your assets for you, Canva offers a friendly, easy-to-use interface that is more accessible to 'non-designers'. For employer branding, Canva offers templates and tools specifically designed for creating content that showcases your company culture, values, and career opportunities. If you have time to sit down and learn the platform, it can be a great way to help polish your employer branding assets.

Learn more about Canva

Microsoft Designer

Similar to Canva, Microsoft Designer offers AI-powered templates and tools for creating visuals. While its employer branding features are less prominent, the ability to create employer brand content is there, plus it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products like Teams and Office, making it a good option for companies already within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Learn more about Microsoft Designer


This powerful AI-powered language model can help you brainstorm content ideas, write copy for job postings and website content, and personalize your messaging to different audience segments. However, remember that AI-generated content should be fact-checked and edited to ensure accuracy and brand consistency. Using ChatGPT can take some getting used to to get your prompting just right and output content that doesn’t require as much time to edit as it would to write from scratch!

Learn more about ChatGPT

Employer Brand Index

Employer Brand Index from Link Humans platform provides comprehensive data and insights on your employer brand perception across various online platforms and social media. Track your sentiment score, compare yourself to competitors, and identify areas for improvement. This can be a great way to gauge where your employer brand is at right now and identify focus areas for improvement.

Learn more about Employer Brand Index


Analyze your job postings and other written content for hidden biases and ensure inclusive language that attracts a diverse talent pool. Textio also provides data-driven insights to improve the effectiveness of your communication and help you attract the right candidates. Getting your language right is important to your employer brand.

Learn more about Textio


Grammarly has applications far beyond employer branding, but it can be great for people in roles that aren't regularly writing and creating 'marketing' type content. Grammarly helps you ditch typos, and create succint, punchy copy. Craft compelling content, empower employee advocacy, and foster clear communication—all with the power of Grammarly. Attract top talent and shine with flawless words.

Learn more about Grammarly


This platform helps you build and manage an employee advocacy program, enabling employees to easily share company content on their social media channels. Track engagement, measure the impact of employee advocacy, and incentivize participation. For large organisations, EveryoneSocial is a great way to encourage and facilitate employee sharing, while giving you the ability to maintain consistency of brand voice.

Learn more about EveryoneSocial


Empower your employees to become brand ambassadors with Sociabble. It provides curated content, social media scheduling tools, and gamified features to encourage employee engagement and amplify your employer brand message.

Learn more about Sociabble


Schedule and manage your social media posts across multiple platforms, saving you time and ensuring consistent brand messaging. Analyze performance, track engagement, and respond to comments and messages all in one place.

Learn more about Buffer


This platform specializes in visual content scheduling for Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Plan your feed, create engaging captions, and track analytics to optimize your social media strategy for employer branding.

Learn more about Later

BuzzSumo Content Analyzer

Discover what content resonates with your target audience and identify trending topics relevant to your industry. Gain insights into your competitors' content strategies and inform your own content creation for employer branding.

Learn more about BuzzSumo

Google Analytics

Track website traffic, analyze user behavior, and gain valuable insights into how candidates and potential employees engage with your employer branding content. Understand which pages are most popular, where your traffic comes from, and how to optimize your website for conversions.

Learn more about Google Analytics


This advanced SEO tool provides comprehensive data on your website's keyword rankings, backlinks, and competitors' performance. Use this information to improve your website's visibility in search engines and attract more qualified candidates.

Learn more about Ahrefs


Streamline internal communication and collaboration with this popular messaging platform. Create dedicated channels for employer branding initiatives, share updates with employees, and foster a sense of community within your company.

Learn more about Slack


Similar to Slack, but with a focus on gaming and online communities, Discord can be a valuable tool for engaging young talent and building a brand presence on their preferred platforms.

Learn more about Discord


Manage your employer brand on Glassdoor by responding to reviews, showcasing positive employee stories, and highlighting company culture. Embrace transparency and use this platform to attract top talent through authentic engagement.

Learn more about Glassdoor


This comprehensive ATS streamlines the recruitment process from sourcing and screening candidates to onboarding new hires. Manage applications, schedule interviews, and collaborate with your team to make informed hiring decisions.

Learn more about Lever

Meta Ads Manager

Reach your target audience on Facebook and Instagram with targeted advertising campaigns. Promote your employer brand, highlight open positions, and attract qualified candidates through social media advertising.

Learn more about Meta Ads Manager

TikTok Ads Manager

Gain access to a young and highly engaged audience on TikTok. Create engaging video ads showcasing your company culture and attract Gen Z talent with this trendy platform.

Learn more about TikTok Ads Manager

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Target professionals on LinkedIn with job postings, sponsored content, and targeted advertising campaigns. Reach qualified candidates on the world's largest professional network and attract top talent to your company.

Learn more about LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Final thoughts

It’s a great time to be working in employer branding, with so many employer branding tools available to make your life simpler and help you exponentially increase your output!

Looking to build your Employer Brand but not sure where to start? Get your free employer branding scorecard.

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