11 Employer Branding Statistics to Know for 2024

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Employer Branding has emerged as one of the biggest focus areas for talent teams and organizations in the last few years. With competition in job markets only growing, it is one of the best sources of competitive advantage for hiring.

Traditionally, building a strong employer brand requires a large team and many resources. However, the rise of automated employer branding and talent attraction platforms, like Outhire, has brought employer branding to teams of all sizes.

Whether you’re a seasoned employer branding pro, or just starting your journey to build an employer brand. These are the key employer branding statistics to help you build a business case for committing to your employer brand in 2024.

#1 Companies with a strong employer brand can reduce their cost-per-hire by up to 50%. 

(Source: LinkedIn)

A strong employer brand makes a company more attractive to potential employees. This increased appeal means companies have to spend less on recruiting efforts and incentives to attract top talent. Strong branding allows companies to be more selective and efficiently identify candidates aligned with their culture and values.

#2 92% of people would consider changing jobs if offered a role with a company with an excellent corporate reputation. 

(Source: Glassdoor)

Corporate reputation has become a key factor for job seekers. A company's brand image, values, workplace culture, and treatment of employees can sway decisions almost as much as compensation. Top talent is willing to change jobs for an opportunity with an employer that is viewed positively.

#3 Companies with an excellent employer brand can reduce employee turnover by 28%. 

(Source: LinkedIn)

Employees want to work for companies they can be proud of. When a company has cultivated an appealing employer brand and positive reputation, employees are more satisfied and engaged. This leads to higher retention rates as employees have less desire to seek other opportunities.

#4 75% of job seekers consider an employer's brand before even applying for a job. 

(Source: LinkedIn)

Job seekers do their research before applying to companies. They want to ensure the company's brand and culture aligns with their values and goals. A strong employer brand is critical for attracting candidates initially and making a company's open roles stand out.

#5 50% of candidates wouldn't work for a company with a bad reputation, even for a pay increase. 

(Source: Glassdoor)

Salary is not the only factor candidates consider. If a company has a negative reputation for things like unethical practices, poor management, lack of work-life balance, etc., candidates will simply avoid them regardless of pay. Protecting and promoting a positive employer brand is essential.

#6 Companies rated highly for employee engagement and development outperform their peers by nearly 30%. 

(Source: AonHewitt)

When employees feel engaged, valued and have opportunities for growth, they are more productive and driven. Companies that make this a priority see better bottom-line performance compared to competitors that don't focus on the employee experience.

# 7 The biggest obstacle candidates experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization. 

(Source: LinkedIn)

Transparency into a company's culture, values, employee experience and day-to-day realities is lacking for many employers. Candidates crave this insider view when evaluating potential employers. An effective employer branding strategy provides this visibility.

#8 Only 19% of employees globally perceive a strong alignment between what their employer says about themselves and their experience working there. 

(Source: Weber Shandwick & KRC Research)

There is often a disconnect between how a company portrays itself publicly and the actual employee experience. When an employer's branding doesn't reflect reality, it damages credibility and trust with current employees and recruits. Authenticity is key for a compelling brand.

#9 63% of candidates first seek out the company’s website and social media to learn more about an employer. 

(Source: LinkedIn)

This is one of the most impactful stats on this list. Understanding the candidate journey is fundamental to your talent acquisition performance. For many people, a job is a significant decision that takes a lot of thought and consideration. This is why it’s so logical that people are of course looking for more information after reading a job description and before they actually apply.

Your employer brand can’t be an afterthought—this content is essential to how candidates look for jobs.

#10 Short-form video content, like TikTok and Instagram Reel, is the No. 1 content marketing format, offering the highest return on investment (ROI). 

(Source: HubSpot)

The short-form video trend has been around for many years at this point. But increasingly we are seeing this beyond just TikTok and Instagram. Platforms like LinkedIn are also pivoting to short-form video and this content format is gaining traction with their algorithm.

One of the most important shifts in short-form video too, is the spread of TikTok style ‘authentic’ content. Engaging visuals are crucial for capturing attention and creating emotional connections with an employer brand. Short videos optimized for platforms like TikTok and Instagram perform very well for employer branding by giving an inside look at company culture. The ROI for this content is high.

#11 A recent poll found that almost 80% of respondents had already adopted AI tools in their content marketing strategies. 

(Source: Ahrefs)

Now this doesn’t mean AI-generated images of people with thirteen fingers (we hope!). But there are so many places where AI can enhance your employer branding content. One of the biggest blockers for any content strategy can be coming up with ideas and trying to go from a blank page to a piece of content.

Whether it’s generating ideas, providing briefs and outlines for content, or even a first draft, there are great tools to help you speed up your content creation process exponentially. Some tools, like Outhire, can even help you create authentic video, image and blog content at scale. Automating steps like content collection from your team, editing assets and running automated content marketing campaigns that only take you a fraction of the time to setup compared to doing this process manually.

Final thoughts

The data makes it clear—employer branding is a critical function that can provide a significant competitive advantage for attracting and retaining top talent. 

With job seekers heavily researching companies before applying and over 90% willing to switch jobs for a better reputation, organizations must prioritize cultivating an authentic, values-driven brand that aligns with the actual employee experience. Investing in employer branding through professional branding, social media presence, short-form video content, and leveraging AI content tools can drive efficiencies while better connecting with candidates.

In today's highly competitive hiring landscape, companies that embrace employer branding position themselves to save on hiring costs, boost retention, and outperform competitors when it comes to attracting the best employees who accelerate business growth.

Are you looking to build your Employer Brand in 2024? See how you stack up–get your free employer branding scorecard today!

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